Improving water quality and landscape resilience throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

Whether driven by regulatory requirements, asset lifecycle maintenance, or protection of the environment for future generations, Linesider Consulting can help.

Working with Linesider

Private sector, nonprofit, local, state, and federal government, design and engineering firms trust Linesider Consulting with the implementation of ecosystem restoration projects and the associated construction management services.

  • Experience

    Decades managing ecological construction projects ranging from single-day events to multi-year, multi-million dollar government programs paired with a thorough understanding of construction techniques, execution requirements, scopes of work, cost estimating, and site safety.

  • Collaboration

    Our customizable approach allows for the integration of clients, regulatory agencies, funding partners, design and construction firms, and the general public. By understanding all facets of your project, we'll work with your stakeholders to ensure the delivery of a high-quality project, executed efficiently and safely.

  • Insight

    As a member of the restoration community for nearly two decades, we have participated in the evolution of ecosystem restoration and resiliency project delivery. Public policy will continue to change as procurement methods, and risk transfer paradigms shift. Linesider's insights help ensure your risk exposure is minimized.

Practice Areas

Low stream with horseshoe-shaped stormwater management

Ecological Restoration and Resilience

Stream Restoration & Wetland Creation

Low stream with stormwater management

Stormwater Management

Pond Maintenance or Repairs, Low Impact Development/Green Infrastructure, Underground Structures, & Outfall Stabilization

Services We Provide

Site Assessment

Assess streams and wetlands to determine the level of effort needed to create a cost-effective solution to your project.

Provide Green Infrastructure (GI) facility, stormwater pond, or underground stormwater structure assessments to determine a scope of work for maintenance or repairs.

Team Development

Provide the experience and vision to work with prospective clients, design and permitting professionals, regulatory agencies, and contractors to lead them through the process of developing an idea into a designed, permitted and constructed project.

Utilize relationships with environmental service providers to bring capital to the table and facilitate project execution.

Construction Management

Utilizing our years of in-the-field experience to provide direct or indirect oversight during the construction of an ecosystem restoration project. Linesider has the ability to represent the client or the contractor depending on the situation.

Provide constructability reviews during the design phase to create value for clients by reducing design and permitting time while minimizing potential constructability issues during implementation.

Funding Support

Linesider can provide grant writing and management support services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your typical process?

While no two projects are the same, there are a few steps you can expect when you work with Linesider. 

Step 1: Evaluate the prospective project site to determine the viability of your project.
Step 2: Determine the funding mechanism to accomplish your project, e.g., self-funded, grant-funded, or privately funded.
Step 3: Assemble appropriate team members.
Step 4: Develop a scope of work to accomplish your project goals.
Step 5: Implement the scope of work that results in your project being constructed.

How long do projects take?
  • Small-scale BMP maintenance projects can be accomplished in several weeks.
  • Significant BMP repair projects can be accomplished in several months.
  • Restoration projects that require field assessment, engineering and design, regulatory permitting, and construction will take 1-2 years from start to finish.
How much does it cost?

Project budgets can range from a few thousand to upwards of $1 million depending on the complexity of your project. Contact Linesider to schedule a site visit and discuss your project's scope and expected costs.

Does Linesider provide services near me?

Linesider is based out of Lutherville Maryland and provides services throughout the Cheasapeake Bay Watershed including Maryland, Washington DC, and South-Central Pennsylvania. 

Scott Macomber with large saltwater fish

Linesider A Striped Bass, Striper, or Rockfish, depending on where you are from. One of the iconic species of the Chesapeake Bay and East Coast of the US. The Linesider has captured the imagination of founder Scott Macomber (pictured above) for most of his life.

About Linesider and its founder Scott Macomber

Linesider was born out of a passion for watersheds, estuaries, and the oceans they drain into and especially the fish that swim in them. This passion has led Scott Macomber, Founder, and President, into a career that has spanned 30 years and covered everything from oceanography and chemistry to policy development. And for the last 16+ years, the ecological construction industry.

Scott's Professional Involvement

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